WHAT IS Salvation Of Souls & our MISSION?

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SOS is a Catholic apostolate (ministry) founded in early 2021 by six passionate Catholic lay leaders from several different churches within Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Our founding members each felt called by the Holy Spirit to serve the spiritual needs of all of God's children, thereby sharing in the Church's mission of the Salvation of Souls.

The elimination of Christian values in society, paired with dissonance within the church hierarchy has left many Catholics without a clear sense of what being a true and devout Christian Disciple means in daily life.  We believe Christ's Truths must be 100% defended from the threatening secular beliefs that directly oppose our faith.

We are called to be Christ’s Disciples, ready to teach the faith wherever we are needed and to assist Catholics in understanding, embracing, and sharing Jesus’ "Good News" (Kerygma) as the antidote to the father of lies. 

Our Mission:  

To reveal Christ's Truth to those people who are lost, under-informed, or left behind -- to find hope in the church, and live Christ's many teachings.  With the Grace from the Holy Spirit, to build fervent Catholic Disciples and to help God's Children find The Faith to sustain all believers in these difficult times.  We awaken the Faithful, we Reach the lost and make the church Matter to Catholics.